Complete LINAC Systems

LINACS for industrial and medical applications, injectors for accelerator driven systems (ADS) or basic research.

RF Cavities

Single cavities for proton and ion beams with final energies from a few hundred keV up to a few MeV.

Beam Lines

Beam transport for low and medium energies (LEBT, MEBT, beam lines distributing beam in experimental halls).

RF Amplifiers

BEVATECH co-operates with rf amplifier distributors scaling and supplying solutions. In aftersales BEVATECH operates as maintenance contractor.

Complete LINAC Systems

Complete LINAC Systems

BEVATECH offers linear accelerators from ion sources and RFQ accelerators to bunchers and DTL cavities, MEBT, intertank beam matching, beam diagnostics, RF power amplifiers and Low Level RF solutions (LLRF). Together with your team we determine the best combination from off-the-shelf components up to tailored solutions.

Whether you have operators, physicists or supply chain management already in place, as accelerator physicists and engineers we are used to working in a highly team oriented and diversified environment.

An end-to-end approach usually encompasses LINAC concept, beam dynamics- and rf-design, build, testing & tuning, commissioning, operation and definition of maintenance processes.


RF Cavities

RF cavities such as RFQs, IH-Drift Tube Linacs, Cross Bar H-Mode cavities, spiral bunchers or quarterwave bunchers have been developed by BEVATECHs specialists for multiple facilities around the world. We do offer services for replacement of older structures or energy upgrades.


RF Cavities


BEVATECH has designed and built RFQ-structures between 100 MHz and 325 MHz for various purposes e.g. medical applications, material research, Accelerator Driven Systems (ADS). Our strong expertise lies in building 4-Rod- RFQs. Alternatively we offer other RFQ-structures like 4-vane-, spiral- or IH-RFQs depending on the best fit for your applications.


RF Cavities - RFQ


The typical frequency range for IH-cavities is between 50 and 250 MHz. IH (Interdigital H-Mode) and CH (Crossbar H-Mode) cavity types have an unprecedented high efficiency compared to other RF structures. We have built and commissioned structures with multiple internal quadrupole triplet lenses.


RF Cavities - IH DTL


The typical frequency range for CH-cavities is between 150 and 400 MHz. IH (Interdigital H-Mode) and CH (Crossbar H-Mode) cavity types have an unprecedented high efficiency compared to other RF structures. We offer CH structures up to cw operation and high currents > 100 mA.


RF Cavities - CH DTL

Buncher Cavities

Re-bunchers fort he medium energy transport between RFQ and DTL s as well as De-bunchers after the DTL section before synchrotron injection can be supplied as spiral bunchers or quarterwave bunchers in various models working in pulsed mode or for cw operation.


RF Cavities - Buncher Cavities

Beam Lines

Beam Lines

Beam transport between accelerator part or distributing beam to experiments have their unique challenges. We simulate not only beam transport but have designed own magnetic or electrostatic focussing elements as well as supplying beam diagnostic elements for on-line diagnostics.



We can provide: Low energy beam transport with electrostatic post-acceleration and solenoidal lenses. Chopping and shaping of ion source beam to change beam characteristics pulse-by-pulse.

Beam Lines - LEBT


MEBT sections with quadrupole magnets, buncher cavity and beam diagnostics are available for protons and heavy ions. Most recently we have worked out the technical design for a MEBT for cw operation.



Placing on-line beam diagnostic elements in the right position of a beam line have a strong dependency with the corresponding beam danamics. To aid the selection of the appropriate device and electronics we simulate the expected signals according to beam dynamics.


RF Amplifiers

RF amplifiers used for accelerators are changing more and more to applications of solid state amplifiers. What SSA technological approach can be used to limit maintenance windows and increase uptime of the acelerator is of key interest. We are providing consulting in system choice and offer 3rd party maintenance for your existing or future system.


RF Amplifiers


Design Studies

Beam dynamics calculations, conceptual development for accelerators and facilities, expert reviews, error studies or feasibility studies for industry and research.

RF Research

Simulations and engineering approaches for RF technology (antennas, shielding, cavities, power combiner, EMC).


BEVATECH enhances your portfolio of technology- and project management-experts integrated into your team.


Contractor for maintenance activities around your accelerator and its components.

Services - Design Studies

Design Studies

Are you looking for a second opinion on an existing design to validate key parameters such as rf design, layout and budget? Or do you plan to develop a new accelerator and need some hands-on experience. We have been working with accelerator physicists around the world designing many Linear accelerators, components or approaches which have been successfully put into operation.


  • A Pulsed Linac Front-end for ADS Applications
  • RF LINAC with a final energy of 7 AMeV for tumor treatment (Link to be published)
  • RF linac delivering proton beams with 2.8 MeV and beam current of 20 mA for PET production (Link to be published)

Beam Dynamics

Next to other off-the-shelf codes we use our inhouse code LORASR in development of Linear accelerators. This code has been successfully benchmarked against other commercial available codes and allows next to other beam dynamic approaches the implementation of KONUS beam dynamics. A speciality of BEVATECH to develop cost efficient and powerful accelerators.


Research facilities, medical injectors, power rf galleries, complete accelerator system approaches etc. do always have a conceptual stage in common. We provide concepts, feasibility studies or conduct expert reviews for a 2nd opinion to check the validity of your chosen approach.


  • Hadron LINAC with applications in nuclear medicine, materials studies, nuclear physics and instrumentation, fusion and radiobiology (Link to be published)
  • New heavy ion injector with beam energies of up to 10 AMeV (Link to be published)

RF Research

RF Research at BEVATECH encompasses not only design of accelerator cavities and high power rf but also extends into EMC research of printed circuits, amplifiers or designing antennas for wireless devices or RFID.


Services - RF Research


On a daily basis we perform simulations using various codes for various RF Research purposes, thermal and mechanical impact analysis, EMC analysis, particle tracking.


Conducting RF simulations, construct or optimise devices and validate the results in measurements is one of our core competences.

Services - Outsourcing


We usually work side by side very closely with our clients to efficiently develop their approach and products. We offer outsourcing teams to extend your technical or project management capabilities and to include our subject-matter expertise. Our team enhances your capabilities on long-term engagements or bridging resource gaps to increase or sustain your efficiency in projects.


BEVATECH offers maintenance on selected accelerator- or rf-equipment. Please feel free to get in contact with us about your request.

Services - Maintenance


Together we have performed work in the field of medical applications, material research, security applications, energy technologies and particle physics.

JINR - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Brookhaven National Laboratory

CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research


VECC - Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre







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BEVATECH was founded in 2004 by 4 physicists as an independent consultancy. Today the company has more than 10 physicists working together with engineers and a portfolio of well proven suppliers. BEVATECH’s core competence is designing and setting up linear accelerators, RF and vacuum technology. To deliver end-to-end solutions our offerings are complementary to large technology providers combining off-the shelf products and tailored components.

We accompany projects from concept to first beam and handover to operation. While our team designs, simulates and supervises the development of your accelerator we work closely together with the mechanical engineering industry and the RF power amplifier industry to deliver a full linear accelerator. On-site, we set up the accelerator, tune & test it for first beam. After successful commissioning the LINAC is handed over to the operations team at the client’s facility.

BEVATECH co-operates closely with the Institute for Applied Physics, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. We encourage graduate students and postdocs to experience commercial developments while remaining parallel in their field of education. In linear accelerator technology we transfer the latest results from fundamental research into operating industry-ready solutions.