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BEVATECH GmbH is a German company located in Mörfelden-Walldorf, 10 minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport or 20 minutes from Frankfurt Central Train Station.

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Accelerators & Vacuum

Bevatech GmbH Complete LINAC Systems
Accelerators & Vacuum

Complete LINAC

LINACS for industrial and medical applications, injectors for accelerator driven systems (ADS) or basic research.

Accelerators & Vacuum

Radio Frequency Quadrupols (RFQ), Drift Tube Linacs, Buncher Systems or other RF Cavities for proton and ion beams.

Accelerators & Vacuum

Beam Position Monitors, Phase Probes, Emittance Measurement Systems, Faraday Cups, Ionisation Chambers and others.

Accelerators & Vacuum

Ultra High Vacuum Recipients or Vacuum Chambers for special tasks (e.g. High Voltage Kicker, Electrostatic Separators, Analytics).

Accelerators & Vacuum

Proton and Carbon Ion Injectors for Tumor Therapy, BNCT Proton Accelerators, Accelerators for PET Isotope Production.

Engineering & Consulting

Bevatech GmbH Beamlines
Engineering & Consulting

Beam Lines

Low energy beam transport between accelerator parts or delivering beam to experiments in high energy beam transport lines have their unique challenges.

Engineering & Consulting

We are specialized in delivering ultra high vacuum designs and structures. Our average designs start at pressures in the range of 10⁻⁷ mbar down to 10⁻¹¹ mbar.

Engineering & Consulting

Get an independent opinion on your new ideas. Simulations and calculations from BEVATECH will support your endeavor providing an objective analysis.

Engineering & Consulting

BEVATECH enhances your portfolio of technology- and project management-experts integrated into your team.

Engineering & Consulting

We are used to apply approaches based on PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology.

Electronic & IT



Development of PLC based systems (e.g. mechanical automation, temperature control and vacuum system automation).

Instrumentation & Controls

Providing full instrumentation and controls for accelerator specific applications. BEVATECH can arrange your controls with EPICS interfaces.

Micro TCA

As official partner from MicroTCA tech lab DESY (Hamburg) BEVATECH provides solutions for Low Level RF and Beam Diagnostic Systems based on MicroTCA technology.

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Our company


BEVATECH was founded in 2004 by 4 physicists as an independent consultancy. Today the company has physicists working together with engineers and a portfolio of well proven suppliers. BEVATECH’s core competence is designing and setting up linear accelerators, RF and vacuum technology. To deliver end-to-end solutions our offerings are complementary to large technology providers combining off-the-shelf products and tailored components.

We accompany projects from concept to first beam and handover to operation. While our team designs, simulates and supervises the development of your accelerator we work closely together with the mechanical engineering industry and the RF power amplifier industry to deliver a full linear accelerator. On-site, we set up the accelerator, tune & test it for first beam. After successful commissioning the LINAC is handed over to the operations team at the client’s facility.

BEVATECH co-operates closely with the Institute for Applied Physics, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. We encourage graduate students and postdocs to experience commercial developments while remaining parallel in their field of education. In linear accelerator technology we transfer the latest results from fundamental research into operating industry-ready solutions.

BEVATECH is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.

ISO 9001 TÜV Zertifikat

Our Team

Holger Hoeltermann Bevatech GmbH
Dirk Strehl Bevatech GmbH
Seval Altuerk Bevatech GmbH


Our clients are companies from basic research to state-of-the art technology providers.
Together we have performed work in the field of medical applications, material research, security applications, energy technologies and particle physics.