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BEVATECH GmbH is a German company located at the FIZ, Forschungs- und Innovations Zentrum in Frankfurt/Main Germany.

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Accelerators & Vacuum

Beam Diagnostics

Beam Position Monitors, Phase Probes, Emittance Measurement Systems, Faraday Cups, Ionisation Chambers and others.

Placing on-line beam diagnostic elements in the right position of a beam line have a strong dependency with the corresponding beam dynamics. To aid the selection of the appropriate device and electronics we simulate the expected signals according to beam dynamics.


We support our customers in the selection and realization of individually adapted beam diagnostic elements. This includes

  • the construction with modern 3D CAD software
  • the analytical design of the components for a first signal estimation
  • the calculation of the electromagnetic functional variables with CST – Computer Simulation Technology
  • a computer-aided thermal analysis for the protection of the components
  • extensive tests for final operational capability
  • documentation and operating


The BEVATECH delivery standard includes capacitive probes such as

  • BPMs Beam Position Monitors
  • Phase probes


On request we also offer

  • Special designs to accommodate Current Transformers
  • Faraday Cups (cooled and uncooled)
  • Emittance measurement systems
  • Ionisation Chambers
  • Control electronics
  • Evaluation software


We always include the following in the scope of delivery

  • check and documentation for compliance with manufacturing tolerances
  • measurement of the functionality
  • vacuum tightness and vacuum leak tests


On our in house BPM measuring stand we are able to perform the following measurements

  • Linearity
  • Zero point adjustment to compensate for the deviation between geometrical to electrical center point
Accelerators & Vacuum

Additional topics

Complete LINAC Systems

LINACS for industrial and medical applications, injectors for accelerator driven systems (ADS) or basic research.

RF Cavities

Radio Frequency Quadrupols (RFQ), Drift Tube Linacs, Buncher Systems or other RF Cavities for proton and ion beams.

Vacuum Technology

Ultra High Vacuum Recipients or Vacuum Chambers for special tasks (e.g. High Voltage Kicker, Electrostatic Separators, Analytics).

Tumor Therapy

Proton and Carbon Ion Injectors for Tumor Therapy, BNCT Proton Accelerators, Accelerators for PET Isotope Production.