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BEVATECH GmbH is a German company located at the FIZ, Forschungs- und Innovations Zentrum in Frankfurt/Main Germany.

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Engineering & Consulting

Vacuum Engineering

We are specialized in delivering ultra high vacuum designs and structures. Our average designs start at pressures in the range of 10 -7 mbar down to 10 -11 mbar.

Our vacuum engineering services:

  • Vacuum design and simulations
  • Special gasket concepts
  • Manufacturing design and manufacturing
  • Surface treatment
  • Tailor made feedthroughs for special purposes
  • Bakeout and vacuum measurements

In addition we provide a full residual gas analysis.

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Waldemar Schweizer

Engineering & Consulting

Additional topics

Beam Lines

Low energy beam transport between accelerator parts or delivering beam to experiments in high energy beam transport lines have their unique challenges.

Design Studies

Get an independent opinion on your new ideas. Simulations and calculations from BEVATECH will support your endeavor providing an objective analysis.


BEVATECH enhances your portfolio of technology- and project management-experts integrated into your team.

Project Management

We are used to apply approaches based on PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology.