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BEVATECH GmbH is a German company located at the FIZ, Forschungs- und Innovations Zentrum in Frankfurt/Main Germany.

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Accelerators & Vacuum

Tumor Therapy

Proton and Carbon Ion Injectors for Tumor Therapy, BNCT Proton Accelerators, Accelerators for PET Isotope Production.

BEVATECH’s shareholders have provided the design and engineering of the very first medical injector for tumor therapy with light ions (A/Q=3) for Europe. This injector was first realized for HIT in Heidelberg and can be found in other 4 active installations in Europe and China.

BEVATECH is also a member of HITRI+ funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program which leads to a new design of this injector and the future design of therapy facilities with light ions.

Based on its activities BEVATECH has already worked successfully on cw proton accelerators suitable for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT).

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Holger Höltermann

Accelerators & Vacuum

Additional topics

Complete LINAC Systems

LINACS for industrial and medical applications, injectors for accelerator driven systems (ADS) or basic research.

RF Cavities

Radio Frequency Quadrupols (RFQ), Drift Tube Linacs, Buncher Systems or other RF Cavities for proton and ion beams.

Beam diagnostics

Beam Position Monitors, Phase Probes, Emittance Measurement Systems, Faraday Cups, Ionisation Chambers and others.

Vacuum Technology

Ultra High Vacuum Recipients or Vacuum Chambers for special tasks (e.g. High Voltage Kicker, Electrostatic Separators, Analytics).